Books for Grammar Fiends and Their Offspring

One of the many reasons people tell you you should read to your children, is that it will enhance their vocabulary. This sort of feels like telling people they should eat chocolate for the antioxidants, but it is in fact true. If you’re looking for an excuse for a self-indulgent, close-the-laptop, leave-the-dishes-in-the-sink, reading marathon, it’s a good one.

Also, the growing pains are hilarious.

From my daughter – “Mom, is school subdued today?” No, it’s not canceled. “Oh, yeah. It’s only snowing vaguely.”

Someday, maybe when my kids are new parents, I would love to gift them a book of their Amy-Marchisms, but since that seems unlikely to ever come to fruition, I’ll have to settle for reading these delightful books, celebrating words, grammar, and all things nerdy-English-major.


Mom and Dad are Palindromes was a surprise favorite at the Asby house. It definitely proves that grammar can be hilarious.


For more grammar fun, check out either the grown-up or kid version of Eats, Shoots & Leaves.


Stegothesaurus makes me laugh every time.


We plan to use Don’t Forget to Write in our little Asby-family-writing-intensive this summer. It was exactly the resource I was looking for, which wasn’t surprising, given Dave Eggers’s endorsement.


And of course, the queen of wordplay has something to contribute with I Scream Ice Cream.


If you can’t get enough homonyms, check out Llamaphones, a board book the grown-ups will enjoy, too.


An Inconvenient Alphabet is a great read for any . . . um, creative . . . spellers out there.


I didn’t think a children’s dictionary could be very interesting, but Big Words for Little Geniuses surprised me! Plus it’s a great gift for your favorite nerdy parent.


Wait, what am I saying? Of course a picture book dictionary can be interesting. Amy Krouse Rosenthal taught me that, too.


And for older readers who are ready to break the rules, who abhor the restrictions of traditional grammar, they will always find a kindred spirit in ee cummings:


Happy Reading!

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