Star Wars Books for People Who Can’t Sense The Force

My daughter was recently the only girl in attendance at a Star Wars Jedi birthday party. I love everything about that, despite the fact that I immediately forget the plot of every Star Wars film after the credits roll. What’s a ewok again? Is “young padawan” a compliment or an insult when someone calls me that? Does Nerfherder predate Nerf guns? Are they related? Are Stormtroopers humans or robots? Clones! The Clone Wars . . . right? Right??

My son’s lego robotics competition has a Star Wars theme next year, and instead of thinking, “Wow, I need to learn more about coding for this next level of competition,” I’m actually thinking, “I have GOT to re-watch all those movies this summer so I don’t make a fool of myself in front of the kids!”

Side note: that awesome birthday party featured a back-flipping Jedi master who taught light-saber technique was pummeled by twelve foam light sabers for the duration of the party. It was really fun to watch.

But back to business – here are books even someone afflicted with Ackbar-amnesia can enjoy.

Just from the cover, you can tell Are You Scared, Darth Vader is hilarious. I won’t ruin any of the jokes for you here – just check it out.


I’m not sure who the audience is meant to be in Darth Vader and Son, but my son and I both loved it.


I knew BB-8 on the Run was meant for people like me when I saw Drew Daywalt’s name on the cover.


Tony Diterlizzi’s take on Star Wars is a good primer for kids who think the movie is a little too scary but still want to be in the know. Actually, maybe I should take another look.


Happy reading and may the force . . . oh, you know.

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